The sun sets on another day…

I have always liked the word paragon. It means “a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality” or more importantly a person or place that is a serious example of more.

I have had an affinity for this word for a long time. I remember reading it in the 60s when some of the topics in newspapers were “Paragon’s of importance” and was fascinated by how something could be a paragon that the next day would not be. I saw people come and go as paragon’s in their field, and paragons of the nature of science or technology, and further saw cars, books and more regarded in this manner.

It was interesting.

For me the title became a word that I felt was overused, like “paradigm”. A word that people used properly, but did not understand the implications of their use, nor truly believe in the word they used so eloquently. then I saw my own.

The idea of a paragon was flawed, but it did not stop me from seeing the mother sacrificing for a child, the man giving everything for a woman or vice versa, the depth of some love, the positives of a kind word, and the feeling of being with someone who cared. My idea of a paragon changed. I realized that the perfect example of anything was transient, and in a mere moment that idea of perfection was an illusion of a positive nature. It was an illusion to one, and a feeling to many. It was then that I knew we are a paragon of humanity. Not just you or I, but all of us. It opened my thoughts to a vision of more. Where a paragon is a personal thing as much as a finite object.

With that in mind I ask you to considerer the possibility that you are someone’s paragon of love, of life, of passion, of excitement, of happiness and so much more. I ask you to pay attention and realize that someone sees you in that way. It may be a friend, a child, or someone you don’t even know. With that in mind, be the best person you can be as you may well be the example that someone else believes in. You may be an example that you want to be.

It is at least something to think about.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope you find the person who inspires you. I hope you see them in the light of truth and in the process realize that they may be your paragon of truth or one of a thousand other things. Believe in good, and believe in the good in people if you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy it every day…