Deeper thoughts…

The sun sets on an amazing day…

I like people. Today as portions of my family were celebrating new life and the great fun to come I was out exploring. I have found that if you talk to people you can open your mind to many things.

I enjoyed talking to a man about swords and how fascinated he was with them. It was a good discussion and I listened more than I talked, listening to his passion and not correcting him but instead encouraging him to learn more.

A woman talked to me about her garden and how she loved sharing the fruits of her labor with others. She sold home grown vegetables and was excited she had sold out today. I smiled and congratulated her on her achievement.

I bought the last filet from a man who was proud of his contribution, and enjoyed giving his customers an alternative to the grocery. We laughed together as his success.

I talked about the day with a group of women who were thrilled with their day and with all the interactions they were having with people, and I enjoyed their reactions to all the positive comments they got from shoppers. That was the first hour I was out.

Suffice it to say, or was a great day and I got deep into my thoughts, and it got deep, very deep. (scary huh)

When was the last time you have no purpose except to enjoy others? When have you realized the excitement that others may feel for something simple? Are you feeling the excitement for something simple in your life? I am here to tell you, you should.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hope I made a few people smile, and I hope along the way that others enjoyed the interactions as much as I did, and maybe a few would consider that they were not alone, and laughed with me without knowing at the fun we all should be having. Enjoy your days like there is no other, and have happy times all the time, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and live with all your heart…