A Promise…

The sun sets on another day…

Every sunset holds a promise, do you?

I was thinking about the promises we keep and the promises that we see every day. After all, the promise of a sunrise is the start of another day, and the promise of the sunset is another tomorrow. So far, they have kept those promises for untold millennia.

What is your promise daily? Do you have one? Do you promise to be a good employee, friend, coworker, relative, father, mother, sister, etc etc? How do you define that word good? Do others know your promise and do they believe in you?

I have found promises to be hard for many. I have promised many and met many, I have promised some and not been as successful. As I have grown older, my promises have been far more focused, and I am careful not to over promise. Still, there is promise there that I need to honor.

Do you believe in your promises? Do they mean something to you? Some more? Some less? How do you approach a promise? What is your word worth?

For me I will try to strive against all odds to meet my promise unless someone breaks it, or forces me aside. Then all bets are off. I can promise all of you this, if I make a promise to you it is with all my being that I intend to keep it.

So as the sun sets on another day, our sunset is the promise of tomorrow, and each day we watch the crimson shards of light adorn the sky we will be there, safe in the knowledge that it is a promise that will be kept. Hold on, live with all you might and believe in promises, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love heartily, and believe…