The Sun sets on another day 

 Sunset was amazing and full of colors for about 10 seconds until the clouds rolled in and the rain began again. I was hoping for a rainbow but didn’t get one. It was ok, and I still enjoyed the night.

Today was full of people. It was so impressive to see thousands of people of like mind and spirit that were full of positivity, stories, and then amazing talents to stay in touch with the world. As I wandered a ham radio Festival I was amazed at not only the technology but the exciting interest that each person brought with them.

I speak a lot about passion but this show truly showed how people can Embrace a passion and make it a way of life. I am not a massive enthusiast but I was impressed constantly with those that were and all of their interesting stories. Whatever your passion is find people that share it and perhaps you too will be part of a group like this that is supportive and positive to a new level. You will find this binding is as tight as one gets, and you should enjoy every moment.

So as the sun set on another day I was at peace for a moment as I considered the day and the fantastic possibilities that it opened. I was excited to find people who knew passion so well, and it was good to be around nerds, yes nerd, because nerds are always amazing. Find your nerd herd, and enjoy them each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and transmit away…