Sunday Reviews: The John Wayne Code: Wit, Wisdom and Timeless Advice

Media Lab Books: ☆☆☆☆ of ☆☆☆☆☆

I bought this book on a whim because I was in a thoughtful mood and it looked nice. The binding is leather and the books is a worth it for the cover alone. (Well, my opinion).

I was a fan of John Wayne and love the fact that he was larger than life both on and off screen. As I read this book I was torn. Not because it was a bad book but because I wanted more. For what the book was written for it is impressive and there are many enlightening statements and insights.

I only wish they had put more with and wisdom in this book. (It was not as in depth as books like Bruce Lee’s Striking Thoughts) John Wayne is known for quite a bit and they did not go as far down the path as the could have and focused more on quotes that were on the side. Still, I had fun, enjoyed the book and it will be an amazing keepsake for a long long time.

Worth the time and the read but a little light in my opinion.