The sun sets on another day…


If you take people out of the equation a lot goes away, and a lot is lost. I found myself thinking about a lot of people this week. I reached out to some to try to to ease their pain. Some I was silent with so they could enjoy their moments, and some I went out of my way for, to try to help even if they did not know it. Sometimes you have to be nice for the sake of being nice. This has put me in the “misunderstood” category in the past, but that’s ok.

My father and I  had similar ideas a long time ago. At about the same time he and I began two silent initiatives that were similar. Mine was to try to make people see a little lighter world, his was to help people from the sidelines without them knowing. I wrote about this once here.

I was influenced by another company and gave away a simple pin to pass on. The pin said EGBAR for everything is going to be alright. The idea was to remember that someone cared enough to give you a pin and they were thinking of you. When everything was alright again you should pass it along and I had hoped it would reach far. I had some success and gave away about 500 pins around the world. I always got a small smile, sometimes a large one, and i keep in touch with some who I met over the years.

My father’s concept was far more complex. He had engaged many churches to start the Solomon Group. The rules were simple. Help those that needed help without anyone, including them, knowing. He had buy in and a foundation but passed away before the groups first meeting. Years later I was given a briefcase with all the info and a series of men and churches that had been interested, but had no point of reference to restore this idea to where it should be.

I am sitting here now, wondering if either or both ideas could make the world a better place. Maybe it is time to try again. Maybe what the world needs is people willing to help each other without needing anything in return. Maybe if enough people did good for the sake of doing good, the world would be a better place. What do you think?

So as the sun sets on another day, we sometimes need each other. Be a person who pays it forward for someone. There are so many ways. Pay for a meal of someone at random. See someone in need. Call someone who needs help. Send something special to a special person. Be there for those that need you if you can, and spread some happiness every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and love some more…