Sunday Reviews: Meltdown

Sunday Reviews: Meltdown by Rick Tuttle ☆☆☆ ☆ of ☆☆☆☆☆

I have to start by saying this was a fun book and I probably would have given it a much higher rating if I had reread it a few times. This apocalyptic tale takes place, well, it could be taking place now. I found many of todays more political turmoil in the book and we could easily experience the same or similar and in some cases may be seeing it now.

The author describes “The Cascade effect” and in that effect the normalcy of the world began to crumble. The main character, a pastor, was fully prepared and prepared to protect his family. What follows is an elaborate series of events that push and pull you along as the pastor and his family survive. There are also numerous chapters covering the greed of people, the government, and much more.

On one side I was impressed with the approach of this book and the sometimes powerful messages it conveyed. On the other side the book seemed a little too focused on the faith and sometimes it is my opinion the story was directed to prove a point, but not necessarily as a character would have reacted. This is very true with the president and politics in general. The house built to survive was well thought out, and I was surprised in many cases by the direct approach of the author.

In the end this was still an enjoyable read, and in reading it I saw a world as it could play out now, and the potential approach we should take to survive.

4 of 5 stars and a fun and enjoyable book!