Sunday Reviews: Simple Things

Simple Things by assorted authors ☆☆☆☆☆ of ☆☆☆☆☆

I must start by stating I gave this 5 of 5 stars even though some people will see spots in it that are not for them, and some people may see items that are not as pleasing as others. For me this was a presentation of talent and passion in the time of Covid. This will be something to remember.

(It is also nice that there are two stories in her by some guy named Andrew Smith that are pretty cool.)

Simple things is an anthology written by various authors. The prompt was simple, a positive piece on gratitude in a time when there were not so many positive things going on. I was impressed by the writing and approach by so many authors. Some wrote slices of life, some wrote short stories of fiction, some wrote from their existing books, and some wrote poetry and prose meant to inspire.

No matter how you approach this book, it works. It is full of positive positions that seek to inspire and incite, and even though a few had an air of negativity, they were positive in the end. This group of authors came together and made a statement as one: we will overcome the negativity and start something better.

A significant amount of writers gives this book something for everyone.