Sunday Reviews: The Dishwasher – A Gift from God.

Sundays are for book reviews

The Dishwasher: A gift From God by Leslie Karsten

☆☆☆☆ of ☆☆☆☆☆

This was an impulse buy as I met the author at another book signing. We discussed a great deal about theology, philosophy and life as we talked about the new book by D.A. Reed: “All the Things we Didn’t see”

I was fascinated by the thoughts and bought the book and it shipped very quickly. This is a tough rating as the book content is good and works for what it was intended, a bible study guide and series of points to incite thought, but it was not so good because it was fare too short.

I was impressed with the stories and approaches, and enjoyed the witty statements and sometimes pointed questions. I also enjoyed the story from the title as I hate doing dishes as well. So, a fun read and worth the time, and worth it for a study group to go for weeks and get some people moving forward, but in the words of Andrea True: More More More.