Just keep going…

The sun sets on another day…

There are words that describe just about anything, but not many words can describe the people of Howard City, Michigan. Curious? I will tell you why.

Selling books at art events is sometimes difficult. There are people there that realize the work that goes into writing a book of any clarity, and there are people who consider writers to be hacks or that writing a book is a 5 minute ordeal. This was art and craft, and sometimes were are out of place. People making things with their hands while we make things with our minds.

A lot of people in some places walk by, a lot of people in some places say they don’t read, and many more are just plain rude.

Howard city Michigan was not one of those places. The people there are obviously hard working professionals with intense feeling of patriotism and pride in their city. They were all powerfully patient, and curious about everything. Their city was clean and well taken care of, and their demeanor, well, they put many other cities to shame.

I was impressed. Not a little but a lot.

There was an impressive parade, great food vendors, great vendors, fun people, and chicken that smelled too good, really, too good. (and when I went to get some they were sold out! 🙁 Yes, it was that good!)

Sometimes Ingar and I will get “I don’t read” but in Howard City we got “I don’t read, but I should more and may make time.” Those asked for a card. We had many that said they read other genres, but they listened and were intensely interested in our books. In some areas people say “I only read the Bible” but in Howard City they said “I usually read the Bible but need to read more”, they too would interact and listen. Others would come and listen, laugh, tell jokes, and just enjoy the moment. This is an example of how people should be.

One many came and as his daughter listened to the story of “The Traveling Circus” he and I talked. I asked about his day, and he said “I keep going, and it is good.” They got a book and I got a smile.

Book sales were good, and in the end, the people of the city were better. I walked away with hope. I walked away with a feeling that if the people of this small town I drove through a long time ago in the 60s and 70s could be a united city, maybe the county could find a way. Thank you to everyone in the city.

So as the sun sets on another day, people are amazing, but sometimes there are people that are even more so. I enjoyed my day, and in the process will always enjoy this small city in Michigan, no matter what. Thank you for making an outside feel welcome!

Sleep sweet, love life, and thank you…