Whispers in the wind…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was clear again, crisp and beautiful, and it called out a little as the waves crashed on the glittering sand.

I remember an old commercial. “If you want to capture someone’s, whisper.” I also remember the books “Whispers” by Dean Koontz. Two very different whispers indeed. I thought about whispers last night as I listened to the waves far away from my house and the constant white noise of the whispering crashes on the rocks and sand. The sounds are magnificent and mesmerizing.

Are you listening? Do you hear the whispers when someone speaks them to you? How do you feel about whispers? Do they make you feel amazing or do they chill you to the bone? Everyone reacts in a different way.

For me a whisper is a reason to listen.

When I was young I had two friends that were consistent. Since we moved so often I was never anywhere long enough to really make friends, but I spent my summers in Big Rapids with my Grandparents, and there I met two great guys. We had so much fun in the woods, the swamp, and just being kids. We played army from time to time and I remember the whispers when we were getting close. Whispers were excitement, and preparation, and being alert. I laugh still when I hear whispers and to this day think about the games I played a long time ago.

So as the sun sets on another day, what is in a whisper? You are! Each day is an amazing journey into a great things. A whisper can lead the way. Laugh a little, smile when you can, and whisper every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and what is that whisper?