Tabs and bobbles…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was, well, wow. The clouds covered the horizon and looked like a massive ship coming in from space. Light shimmered around a huge cloud until it broke and lit the skies with dark crimsons and spectacular reds.

Today was a fun day. If you know me, I like people. I like to listen and learn in order to understand perspectives. People as a whole are the sum of who they are. More easily said, people are and respond based on the experiences they have had in life. Some people respond well, some do not. Some are super positive, and others, well, they hang on to the negatives in the world.

Today I talked to an anomaly quite like my sister and to a lesser extent like myself. This person was adopted and mostly had to raise herself. Faced with negatives from some sides they still managed to overcome obstacles and in the process found the positives in themselves. In the process they raised children with patience and love, and from what I saw today, did an outstanding job instilling morals, ethics, and ideas.

This person faced a lot, more than I will share but somewhere in it all they found their birth parents and found peace in that interaction. They also found a sister that was previously unknown, and unaware. It was there I was fascinated and intrigued. My interest spilt this post into multiple areas so enjoy.

  1. What things influence you in life? Is it your negatives or your positives? For the person I spoke to it was obvious they had faced the negatives but somewhere along the way the positives came out and they were vibrant, alive, and conquering the world daily.
  2. How important is it to you to install ethics and morals into your children? The person I spoke to may or may not have been a forceful hand. They may or may not have been a passive guide. Still, their child (A younger adult in attendance at the event) was a success, well manner, and spoke of super ethics. How do you get that in your children?
  3. Is our self affected as much by nature as by nurture? When this person found their sibling they were near identical. This was in life experience, looks, and a lot more. They became instant friends and there was a bond far beyond what many others had. It was as though two puzzle pieces had merged with the tabs and bobbles fitting just right, and both of them opening a new era in their life. Though far apart they grew up to do similar, feel similar, and achieve similar and it just fit. I know this idea well as I grew up not seeing my father, and when we reconnected it was uncanny the similarities. Do you think that our genetics are responsible partly for who we are?
  4. Do you have a missing piece? Is there something out there that you are yearning for? Are you looking? This is a tough question as we challenge ourselves. There is so much but one thing I noted listening is this person found a way. They pushed and clawed and made it right. It is here that we find the best of people. That ability to have empathy but to be willing to walk into hell for a heavenly cause as well. The word “can’t” is gone, and instead “will” is replaced. (I wrote about that here)

Lots more questions abound but I try to keep these dailies short. I think I could write a book about how people find their way from a short discussion yesterday. (I need another project?) In the end I was reminded that passion drives the successful, and in the process we find our way.

So as the sun sets on an other day, I hope you can find inspiration. I hope you find the person who just fits. I hope the pieces of your puzzle are complete, but mostly I hope you find the courage and passion to be more. Take the chances to complete you life. Find the people that make your life better, and in the process, be the person you were meant to be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and what a day…