We can…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was quiet, and as fall comes and the leaves cover the forest sound is lost. It was a good day, and the clouds were hovering over us all.

I have written about similar several times. (Once here)

I was watching a huge meeting today and thinking about how people interact. A few people in this meeting were talking about themselves. Many were talking about issues. Some spoke of things that they wanted, and some talked about teams.

For the multitude that do not know I have been in IT for a long time. I have worked in multiple industries including Energy, Pharma, Government, and many other private sector enterprises. I have been involved in a lot as an architect and designer, and found my best spots in security, design, and leadership. I have had many successes, and many failures. Some of my failures have taught me more than any success.

I found a long time ago that we can always do more than I can. I may have a different approach, or a more efficient approach, or a less efficient one. Still, I am not as strong as we. Today I looked at a team and all the dynamics and was impressed with the “we” in most of them.

Sure, there are people on the teams that are less than engaged, and there are those that are not as engaged as you would think, but with a team you help others rise. This is the essence of “we”. After all, we are more together, and we can overcome anything better than I can. Funny, I think about we a lot, and how people don’t see to see the we until they really need it.

I am just going to suggest here and not ask any questions. I suggest if you have a strong team, make it stronger. Don’t let it unravel, be a strong leader and show a path each day. I have been with leaders who lead by example, and I wrote a huge paper on trust due to leaders who just want to boost themselves and do not care about the we. If you have a good team in anything, make it amazing, then make it better. If not, find the we that works for you.

So as the sun sets on another day, we are amused. (That was funny) Keep laughing and smiling, and make your day spectacular each day as you find the team you work well in. I believe we all can find that teammate that makes us better, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and we will overcome…