New Book: Adam

I wanted to take a moment away from my normal sunset posts to announce the release of Adam. The first book in a new series set for 5 books.

Although it is hard to be unique in the world anymore with stories covering nearly every part of the imagination I feel that Adam is rare as a character and that the first book is not only intense but a great deal of fun.

Adam is an immortal living in Lexington Kentucky. He has a taste for bourbon, an affinity with animals, and has been alone for a considerable time. While at a bourbon tasting he meets Terri, and in an unfortunate altercation she is fatally shot. Adam has the ability to save her but it may expose him and what he is. This puts him in a series of events that can only be considered a thrill ride set in today and thousands of years in the past.

You can purchase Adam here for Kindle, here for paperback or ask for Adam at any local bookstore. Adam is also available on iBooks and other retail outlets.

I have had some fun reviews and am looking forward to them showing up online!