Book Reviews: A question for all

Sundays are for book reviews, but not today.

Today I was in Kalamazoo selling books. Sundays are always unpredictable. Sometimes they are busier, but often they are less engaged. I did well, but not near as well as I would have liked. As I sold I considered the books I have read this week and have a few questions. Help me out here:

Details or Summary

I have written many polls and tried to avoid telling too much of the story or giving away spoilers. Would you like to see reviews like this, or more detailed reviews that could compromise the book?

With that in mind I wonder about honesty or avoidance.

Honesty First

In life if you ask me a question that is direct, I will not lie, but I may not answer. I also may tell you the truth even if it is painful. There are also pointed questions I will always ignore, just out of general purposes. (Am I fat/thin etc etc) If I lie I will never remember what I said. With that in mind some of the books I have read by indie authors are less than perfect. Most of the authors at shows are polished and have worked hard on their books. Some people have not, or lose the purpose of the story in favor of something else. (I will give no examples)

Would you rather see these reviews knowing they will be painful to some, or leave them alone and try to talk 1-1 or drop these items. I now have hundreds of indie books and I have read most and am a significant number of reviews behind so it will take time anyway. Just let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for any help that you can give. I appreciate it!