Passion and Fun…

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was pretty cool, but the air was even cooler as winter begins to show its head. Soon there was be snow, and then, well, then the fun begins!

I like to pay attention to people and wonder about their motivations. No matter how much I experience I know there is always more, and always more to learn. Recently I noticed a few sentences about passion and fun and applied it to my life.

If you did not know I had a photo studio for a few years with another photographer. I took a lot of pictures that did pretty well, covered costs and camera equipment, and still had a super time. Photography has been a passion for a long time for me, and I could think of no better way to have fun and live passion at the same time. After a little over a year things changed. Working with models became a task, some were amazing, some were not. As I engaged it became more work than fun, and not as fun to work. A client stiffed me for a significant amount of money, and with that bigger issue as I now had to be a collection agent as well as a photographer. It was difficult but eventually the passion I felt for what I was doing was fading. I did not want it to fade away. Given that I made the decision and the studio was closed. I felt the passion return.

At work I have always tried to have fun and press those who reported to me to do so as well. This has given me passion at work, and in almost every case I have enjoyed my job as large scale systems are not only fun, but I have learned more all the time. With writing I have done the same, I have always been passionate about writing and as such, I have fun with my characters, my writing, and the people involved. I have not done bad, but I haven’t sold a million copies yet. Still, having people come up last weekend and ask for the 6th book was nice, and knowing people enjoy my writing is even nicer.

My point (besides the one on my head) is that if something is your passion, it should make you feel good. IF you feel the picture form around you, or the words form to make a story, or the knitting needles make something, or paint that vision of awesomeness, it is passion, a near uncontrollable emotion that has to be expressed. Passion is power, passion is ability, passion is a need to be more, and do more, and passion has to be expressed.

I see so many people let their passions be taken away. I have seen photographers lose faith in their work, technologists fade away into the mundane, and writers be beaten down for their art. Don’t let it happen. If you can take a picture that means something to someone else you have a gift, if you can make something with your hands it is an amazement,. If you can write and in the process open your mind and others minds you are creating new worlds, worlds that others can explore with you, and you can define and divine together.

What is your passion? Is it fun? If it is fun, super! Find people who will help lift you higher. If it is not fun, why? You passion defines you, and you define your passion. In the book “A Wizard of Earthsea” Ged realizes as he comes to terms with darkness, that it is all part of who he is. In that moment he becomes whole. Your passion is part of you, don’t deny it. .

So as the sun sets on another day, there are people I see slowed from their fantastic abilities by others who just can’t understand. Our passions are OUR passions. If th3ey align with others, so much the better but find your way to live you passion, and make your world amazing. As your passions grow, grow with them and in the process never stop believing in yourself. I probably already believe in you as well, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and fire it up…