In my dreams…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was crisp, and clear, and the skies full of light and life, and it was good.

I considered well my dreams today. Last night exhaustion took me after a long time without sleep. In the fits of my drool induced coma I dreamed over and over, of the past present and future. As I did so the world opened before me, and I was at peace for a time, if only in my dreams.

My dreams began with passion, and past excitement that could only be considered legendary. As the night progressed I was in many other worlds, and scanned the countryside in both peace and war. I was amazed at the colors and diversity of my dreams, and of the powerful messages being payed out before me.

I spent time with Candy, the first dog I got on my own, and she and I enjoyed the park as other dogs waltzed in and out of the dream. Shiva stayed for a while and Satin lumbered around making sure the area was safe.

People from my past came by, and some from my present, and I talked about too many subjects, and significant substance. In the end, I was once again happy with the outcome, and how varied my interactions were.

As I woke I was lost in the throws of sadness and despair and overcame it though sheer will, fighting my way to the land of the living I smiled, knowing I overcame it all. There I was, awake after experiencing a lifetime. I turned on my watch, it had been less than an hour. Somewhere in it all, I found my way to smile, and laugh, and stayed up for hours until sleeping for a few again.

So as the sun sets on another day, time has no meaning in dreams, and time is a great measure fo us while we are awake. Does it really matter? Does it matter to you? Is there a time when time doesn’t matter ordo you take every moment as it comes. No matter what you do, enjoy all the moments you can, and have some fun both awake and asleep, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love, and feel deeply, it is worth it…