Candy Canes…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular as the roads turned from bright to dark, and the street signs lead to a special place in our hearts. I was apprehensive yet hopeful for an evening that became a magnificent memory.

The place could have been any small town in the Midwest, but instead it was a town of happiness, music, and something a little more. In Scottsville KY a person can find their heart, and feel so much more.

I was visiting for The Haley Sue Foundation to give a little
Christmas cheer and to enjoy the town that was my sisters home long ago. My memories of the town when she lived there were nice, but we were in the country and enjoyed the areas, but rarely if ever visited the town when I visited.

Tonight we were hosted by a church in downtown Scottsville as we met with people from around town who knew us, and who would come to know us in the future. The cookies and conversation were more than exciting, and the sound of children laughing and people enjoying themselves was in the air.

After a time we moved on to the city square and we were thrust into a dream. Shops were still open selling trinkets, troves, and tastes as people walked with caramel corn and food truck delights. We wandered the shops handing out candy canes to all, and laughed as children played in the closed square in front of a wonderful Christmas tree. I walked into many of the stores, and people gave us their hearts and were warm and open. Service was amazing, and we were no longer in a place where people were a number. Instead we were being talked to and treated as special visitors in a city that still believes customers, neighbors, and friends mean something.

As the music started we danced, laughed, and prepared for a new day tomorrow, and knew now, it would be good.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and look around. There are still, places in the world that have meaning, where bias is minimal and people live in their hearts. There are still places where you can feel that you are home, and know that people care. I was happy to visit Scottsville, and feel a little of their Christmas cheer and this night will give me hope, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and believe in it all…