From another point of view…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a series of cascading colors across the western skies of Kentucky. As we drove I thought over the day, and all the emotions that were a part of it.

Today was a day of giving, a day of learning, a day of passion, a day of work, a day of play, and a day of happy tears. It will be a day to be remembered.

Scottsville Kentucky is a beautiful little town that we learned was more than friendly. It is inviting and full of rich love and respect for people. I learned today that there is so much more to the people and the town.

The Haley Sue Foundation hosted an event for a few in the area. It was to give a little extra to some of the people, and to open hearts in a time in our world where sometimes things do not seem as clear. The people were amazing, and the children full of wonder. There were not a mass of mesmerizing cell phones distracting people from people. Instead the craft tables were packed, the cookie table filled with amazing treats, and the photos were flowing from a printer constantly for people to take home and make a forever memory.

“Santa’s coming!”

I laughed as the day went on and children rushed around to eat and enjoy the day, I smiled when Santa came to read to the children and the magical looks in their eyes as he showed the books to all. I wiped a tear when one of the Haley Sue Foundation held back tears saying, “Oh my heart” and I saw hope in a group of children that deserve far more than I could ever give any of them.

We talk in a world about how we educate our young ones, but here there were polite, appreciative, amazing young individuals that give hope for a world. Children with manners, who were inquisitive, whose minds were open for more, and who truly loved their families and friends.

Take a moment and consider as I did, what is important in the world. To me, I have seen a slice of that today, and will remember this day always and the city that was more than just a place to live, but instead a place to grow.

So as the sun sets on another day, if children are our future I can only hope we have given a wonderful group of children something positive to see, to remember, and perhaps a gift that we cared, and they cared back. Isn’t that how the world should be?

Members of the Haley Sue Foundation

Sleep sweet, love life, and remember the children…