The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular, and the clear blue sky gave way to a colorful barrage of light and sound as the wind blew strong, and the skies widened in anticipation of a crisp night.

I had a show this weekend and I share a booth often with one of the easiest going people I have met. His books and his demeanor are measured and well thought out, and his approach to life is often taking the way of less conflict, even when he could be more forceful. I have seen parents and others treat him with utter disrespect and he simply smiles and moves on, not bothered by the way of the generations that have come, and instead as innocent as the characters in his book, yearning and learning for new adventure without antagonism, or engagement.

It was with this in mind I considered an engagement I had this weekend. I am far from shy but often leave my thoughts at the door as there is a time and a place for everything, but this weekend as I discussed a new season of growth and books I had an interaction with a young person that was nearly astonishing. Yes, I can be scary, being a monster I try not to be, but after a casual discussion on a symbol where I was told I was wrong, then set it aside to an “OK, sure” thinking it was over, the conversation resurfaced with near comical results. It was explained that this person was always “triggering” people and they were trying to make it right by trying to put it on me. True, I probably should have kept my mouth shut and let them believe what they wanted, but that is not always in me. Instead I explained that the conversation meant little or nothing to me, and we went on.

What was funny is I actually came home and got out a book on iconography to confirm my thoughts, laughed, and wondered what it was like to be right about something wrong for a long time. I then laughed at myself at a misquote I had done for perhaps 25 years that was attributed to Edgar Allen Poe, but was not his. I realized we all grow in our own way, and I may never have found that out if I had not questioned myself.

This is a long setup for a strange request. The world is a fickle place. If you are 100% sure you are right, guess what, that is when you should question yourself. Sure, you may be right, but you may also have an opportunity to grow and move forward. Either way is a win for you if you keep your mind open. I will laugh about this for a while as anyone who has ever seem me “triggered” would have laughed at the entire exchange and giggled a little more. I consider it a learning experience and perhaps we are moving towards a world where the emperor should wear his clothes as they are, and everyone simply laugh and move on.

Keep your mind open each day and you will learn. Learning is something we can do each and every day, manners and positive interactions are something that can be born of just realizing we are all people, and all deserve respect.

So as the sun sets on another day, perhaps the world is a better place without language. No one will care in a hundred thousand years that we call a rock a rock, but it will still be just as it was before us. Perhaps the world would be better if we just knew, and knew without having to translate from thought to sound to thought again. A unique idea with its own host of problems. In the end, be you, and keep learning every day, question everything including yourself, and grow as much as you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and semper deinceps…