Sunday Reviews: The Books of Earthsea

Sundays are for book reviews! – The Books of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin ☆☆☆☆☆ of ☆☆☆☆☆

I have a tendency to read a lot and did so again with this book. I could also write a lot about it. The first three books in the series opened my mind to the possibilities of who I was, as well as entertaining me with an amazing character, and a vision of a fantastic world. For many years I had the phrase “arw sobriost” in my mind as a dragon tries to talk to a man in the old tongue, and cannot get a man-child to understand.

The careful crafting of worlds by Le Guin was punctuated by characters that could have walked off the page, and I was mesmerized and amazed at the same time, lost in the world, and lost in the possibilities in my mind.

Only a few weeks ago I learned she had written 3 more books. My tattered three box set not from misuse, but from age sits behind me always, and here I had been missing out? I could not help but buy the 6 book volume and was not disappointed. The book has minimal illustrations and I was glad as my imagination needed no help to once again get lost in a world of magic and reality fused with careful wording, and all to realistic process.

The 3 additions are actually woven into the previous stories somewhat and though that is true, they still have the flavor needed to make them a fun and exciting part of the read. Ged returns, and I love the idea of one who has known such power, but sets it aside to live a simpler life as the timeline progresses. The world as defined is both believable and fantastic and takes a much different view of dragons, as part of the lineage of man, and immortal and wise. There are so many fantastic thoughts and dreams lost in these tomes that I can think of no better place for me to have it than behind me reminding me of the lessons taught by a writer.

In this blog I speak over and over about living every day to its fullest, about fear, and about the edge of life as it is, and I believe some of this may stem from an early lesson in the first of this series, that we are all good and evil, and that as we see that, we can become one and are better for it.

5 of 5 stars for , well, just wow.