The sun sets on another day…

Sunset hid until the last moment, then blasted color onto the clouds. It was short, sweet, and amazing.

Every look at a cut gem? Even one that is not cut? Light flies in and out of it through facets, and the gem seems to glow and sparkle with all the reflections going on inside of it.

Now think about people. People sparkle when you shine a light on them too. Don’t think so? Spend some time with people and tell them when they are doing well. Tell them something good about themselves. Show them their worth. The light shines in them when you shine a light on their facets. It is an easy task, an easy series of moments. Just stop looking for the negatives and find any positive to focus on and the positives will grow.

I was in a job with horrible leaders once. They focused on chaos and belittled everyone. The negative people in their workplace were at ease and anyone doing a good job was summarily beaten down. Their workplace bred hostility and the actually celebrated horrible work. I stayed for a while, but knew it was not a good place when I found other lies, cheating, and poor work practices.

I was also in a job with amazing leaders. True servant leaders who wanted people to grow, and to thrive. In this position mistakes were treated as learning experiences and successes were celebrated. As the business grew, so did the positivity of the people. People knew that positive moves returned positives, and in the end the company was highly successful. Turnover was low, and morale high.

This is also true with relationships. Treat someone with respect and let them know how good or great they are and they will become far greater. Treat someone as a non entity, and well, it will degrade more and more. You can apply this to friendships, interactions, and even casual discussions.

I feel bad that right now the world seems lost in the idea that a negative response is the only good response. It seems everyone wants to lower each other instead of raising each other up. How do you approach it? What can you do to lift others up?

So as the sun sets on another day, we all have a choice in how we handle our lives. As we approach others how do we want to be remembered? As the person who encourages, or the one who lowers others down? We can shine a light on anyone and the results will be amazing if we only try. Try if you dare and I think you will like the results.

Sleep sweet, love passionately, and live with open eyes…