Who am I…

The sun set son another day…

Once upon a time there was a series of dreams. That is a good way to note this. A series of dreams.

Each day I write here with a thought or idea to open minds perhaps just a little. There is not theme except living, nothing off limits except maybe the mesmerizing craziness of politics. Religion is at a fringe but the values displayed in many major religions may be discussed, at least the positive ones.

I write every day on a variety of fronts and have made it a habit in my life. I try to write here every night and have only missed a few over the last 6 years. Prior to that I wrote here as well, but I discarded that content in November of 2015 in order to standardize this platform and venue.

My daughter has written here as well, though not in a long time. She had a series of posts about her feelings on love and passion, which is at the core of many things I write and the purpose of this site.

I have a number of other web sites covering a number of topics or original ideas, but this is where I write the most. I had many good concepts and set them aside over the years. An idea was built and then it was found to not really push as much as I had liked, so I moved on. Some I want to revisit, some I will likely not.

If you like my writing and want to read more here are some options online. My core series is “The Masterson Files”. This series revolves around Jonathon Michael Masterson. As an assassin he found he had a knack for shooting far and straight. He did not start out in the service or a secondary job in the CIA, NSA, or some series of letters, but instead he was recruited by a millionaire to eliminate people who were above the law, then later by the government when his skills were discovered. Although he is not lost in his kills, or suffering from them, he decided to retire when he realized that he did have a moral code. He lived in the hills with his girlfriend until people started showing up at the door needing help.

I also started a new series called Adam that is paranormal romance. It has several layers and leads to a 5 book series. Adam is immortal and trying to explain his life to Terri after he saves her from death. His life was, well, interesting, and he wants her to understand how saving her has changed her forever.

I enjoy writing short stories. I have written quite a few. You can find them in “The Theft” and in “A Slice of Fear”. Originally I had a large book planned called “Slices of a Life” that have short stories and uplifting items from all domains, but it made more sense to look at breaking apart by genre. In a new book I am working on “Monster” is a particular favorite as well as “The Edge”. I am fascinated by how we misuse the word monster, and in the process have written many tomes on the idea of a monster, and how it fits into our world. In my book “Vengeful Son” as Michael explains himself and is proclaimed not a monster he states “I was, I am and I will be, but I control the monster, it does not control me.” That is a theme for me, as I believe many of us have a monster inside, and some of us were made into monsters by situations. The difference may be how we control that monster. It is truly debatable as one persons monster may well be another persons savior.

I also write poetry. You can find my poems on Amazon in “A Slice of Passion”. I believe without passion we are less than nothing. What purpose do we have if not to achieve more. This can be defined by anything, but the core of who I am is pushing the envelope to new levels and being 150% in to whatever my passion may be. I was told years ago that this type of passion with people burns out. I found over time that person was wrong, and it only burns out in those people that cannot see how pure passion can be. Those people who forget who they are within the constraints of complacency, the mundane, or delusions of a world where the programmed norms are tricked into having meaning. Will you be remembered for being an amazing worker, or a fantastic photographer? Will a child look up to you for a few extra dollars or for lifting them up to see a more complete picture of the world? The concept is valid, but people debate this all the time and I understand both sides.

I have also written a lot that will not show up as easily. I have shorts in Simple Things and Monster Hunter Intern. I enjoy writing for a number of groups. I have written more documentation on concepts of different CFRs and technical approaches to validation and system creation than I will ever write in books, and a stack of proposals that is truly epic, but those are now things of the past. I have many items in progress, from children’s books to far more edgy, and I will just keep writing until that day I am no more.

All of this is a dream. IU find myself challenged by how I approach the world, and where I see many lost in their bias, I find my bias changes daily, and I try to eliminate it completely, allowing anything to be considered. This is how I think people should be, without bias or changing their bias to a better point of view, but I am not sure if we will see that day.

At any rate, I thought I would take a moment and share, and I have gotten a few letters about it, and wanted to make certain I was explained.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy your day, and remember, you are who you are for only this moment. You have the ability to change if you want to and if it is right for you. Consider it and make the world yours every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it…