The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was over the top wonderful. The sky shimmered with reds and golds, and in the end the palette was just wow.

I was thinking a lot about Harry Nilsson today and how many people don’t know him. His songs are, well, awe inspiring. Not because they are just good but because there is a quality in them that sees to intrude on your soul. Some are whimsical, and some are serious.

When I was young I watched a show in South Bend Indiana that was put together by the local youth. It was a series of skits and general fun, but it was the end that always got me. The song “Remember” (Or Remember Christmas) played while clips of movies and television showed on the screen in sync with the song. I was young but had memories of many of the things I saw, and I was always mesmerized by the words and the depth of the vision of the clip.

It was not until years later that my best friend told me what the song was as I sung it to him, and produced a CD of it that I had no idea even existed. I was amazed and more, and as I listened to the song the thoughts of those clips and many more danced in my mind, and later my dreams.

I think the key words in the entire song are “Remember, life is never as it seems, dreams..” and a magnificent chorus.

I sit here tonight knowing life is never as it seems, but sometimes, yes sometimes, you do get to live a dream. For the good and bad, the happy and sad, I have lived a dream. I can think of nothing better than a life so filled with passion that it is nearly a dream, and that has been my life.

I suggest to you, that you find your passions and make them a dream. Life may never be as it seems, but when you look back and remember, don’t let your dreams be the high points in your life, let the realities be something that will inspire you, and inspire awe in those moments you take. For if we only have 29000 sunsets, every day is precious, and every day is a chance to live, to love, to experience, to press passion deep into our souls and make a life that is more than a dream.

So as the sun sets on another day, I have started writing pieces that will fill an eventual book. I will finish even though I have several ongoing projects. What is passion? What is a goal, and how can we press each day until we know how terrific life can be? There are many thoughts but I know that life can be the doorway into dreams, or a pathway into realities and I will choose the latter, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and make your dreams into memories…