Afraid to live…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was wild, wonderful, wholesome, wily, wistful, wooly, and winsomely whimsical. I was in awe and impressed at the light show in the sky.

I was watching MacGyver in the shower this morning (I will pause for a moment while you laugh in object terror) and smiled when a reference came up that I felt was well written. The reference was about death and dying and about how a person had become so afraid of dying that they stopped living.

I paused for a moment and the water ran across me. I am lucky I didn’t drown. Yes, this is one of those statements that make you go hmmmm. As I considered and wondered where I could find scuba gear under the constant stream of water I thought of all the people that are exactly that: So afraid of dying they have stopped living. The list is long and as I thought about it I realized it may just be an endless list, just in different levels of “fear” and “stopping”.

I know what’s on your mind, how did I not drown? It was easy, I took my head out of the stream of water and mentally made not of this to consider all day, and I did. I came up with a few good points that I will put down and I hope you consider them for a moment.

  1. We should always avoiding dying if at all possible. In spite of the fact it will come for all of us it should not be at the top of our list.
  2. We should always try to live to the best of our ability. Yes, there are variable levels for everyone, but why live if you don’t live, right?
  3. Fear is an element that should be considered, measured, and set aside in favor of 1 and 2 first. I write about fear often. IF you don’t believe me search for fear in the little box to the left and giggle at the list of items that comes up.
  4. There are things worse than death. Yes, there is a list. It is long and you will choke on tears if you consider it for too long.

You are now not thinking about me in the shower anymore (That goodness) so I will put on a towel and continue. This whole set of considerations has me thinking that people would be good to live, and not think about death and dying at all, and in the process live their best life ever. After all, the purpose of 29000 sunsets was to point out that life is meant to be lived and to avoid thoughts that keep you from being really alive.

I know people who hide from the world and consider themselves alive. I have been told by people that doing anything of risk is selfish, because I may die. I know people who push the envelope so far each day is dance with death. All of these are worth considering, but not necessarily my focus.

If you consider well the lessons we may have learned one is that a lot of great memories come from things that aren’t quite perfect, and a lot of not so good memories come from things that originally could have been perfect. Confused, don’t be, I am just saying you just don’t know which way the wind will blow day to day, so any way could turn out in an unexpected manner. With that in mind, why not risk a little to love and laugh a lot. It is a lot to consider, so I will shut up and move on.

So as the sun sets on another day, life is meant to be lived, by definition. I hope you can find it in yourself to saunter past the worries and limitations in your live and instead find the life that makes you happy, healthy, and heroic (and maybe a few dozen other words of your choice). In the end, we should all skip the fear and make our day the most amazing day it can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love life some more…