Lucy and the football…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was almost there, then it was gone, lost in the billowing clouds for a while. It would have been pretty if there were a few less clouds, at least I would have been able to see it.

I was thinking about Peanuts today. Charles M Schulz was an amazing cartoonist and writer. He had a way of showing a little more than what was on paper, and teaching life lessons without ramming them down your throat. Lucy and Charlie Brown are two of the main characters. In many comics we see Lucy holding a ball for Charlie Brown, convincing him to kick it, and then pulling it away at the last second. The reasons are many but she always makes it clean he did not pay attention. He is gullible, she takes advantage, he fails, or does he?

This can be a tough question. On one hand Charlie Brown trusts and when offered a positive opens his heart and his hand and takes it. He really wants to trust that there has been a change and he will finally be treated right He believes in the good in people and in the good in his relationship with Lucy.

On the other hand he fails each time. She takes advantage of his misgivings and gives him enough to keep him focused on a potential positive, then takes it away. Each time it leaves Charlie Brown saddened that he has messed up again, and each time we feel for him

Lucy on the other hand just wants control. She sets a position and holds onto it, using whatever means necessary she only puts out what she wants, and in the end, maintains her little slice of control.

Who are you like? Who is your type. Do you over trust and let people lead you on. Do you control situations, even to your own disadvantage, just to say you can?

Just some fun questions on this wonderful Sunday.

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So as the sun sets on another day, I would like to believe everyone has best interests in their minds daily, but I know it gets tiring believing people won’t pull the football away, then it happening again. Take your time, love each day, and be who you are. The rest will work out at some point, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and play your cards well…