Happy – Three (This is my happy place)

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular, the snowy sky gave way to some pretty awesome fun as sun set.

Yes yes, what a weirdo. Talking about happiness again. Some people associate places with how happy they are daily, and are always looking for an upgrade. I laugh at an old quote, “no matter where you go, there you are”. It does say a lot though. The question is “Does place make you happy or sad? or “Does place make you happier or sadder?”.

In happier-two I once again noted that you are the only determiner. So does a place make you happy? It is odd. It can, but it can’t. On of my happiest memories was a place no one else would have liked to live. I was in a small location, with minimal amenities, and almost nothing but heat. Still, I was with good friends, and had heat, and a place that was stable. It devastated me when I had to leave and set in motion a major change in my life. I often wonder if I had kept this “lesser place” if I would have found a higher path and eventually changed my life for the better faster. In that case, I was not happy, but the neutral location combined with the support allowed me to stabilize. Somewhere in the midst, I found a happy spot.

There are other places that I found sadness. It wasn’t necessarily the place though, it was my perception of the place, and my eventual ability to overcome that perception changed everything. I speak to people all the time who see the beach as their happy place, or home, or hiding in a box, or sitting in an apartment gathering food at the door, but it is not the place that gives them happy or sad, but it is instead their perceptions of themselves. In the end it is still their choice. In the end, no place will define happy or sad.

Does it help, well, of course!

If you love the beach and are happier, expect to be happier. The snow? Sure! Find a way! If you hate snow and are buried in it, expect a little less happiness in your box. The trick is to find a place you like, and make it yours.

This brings me to home. Home is a concept that can be happy or sad at the base, but a home is hard to define. Perhaps that will be tomorrow.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, happy is up to you still. Not to others, not to a place, so you get to choose. Anything else is just another choices that hides in the wind. Find your place that makes you happier, and help it along, but make the choice to be happy, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and you are here…