Why 29000?

The sun sets on another day…

There was change today! Instead of a dreary rainy day it was a dreary snowy day! That’s moving in a direction. Maybe the right one, maybe not, but still as we sit here today let’s all see the fantastic sunset we have, or imaging one even better.

The site 29000 sunsets was originally started as a blog to leave for my children and anyone else who was interested. In 2010 I started 29000sunsets with several ideas in mind, life is meant to be enjoyed, life is meant to be lived. With that in mind I started building some ideas into the site. They were simple at first but the concept was simpler. If you knew tomorrow was your last day, what would you do differently. Why didn’t you do it today? Someone really smart once asked my why not 29000sunrises? Well, easy, I like sunsets more. (It sounded good) and I see more people enjoying the sunsets than the sunrises. (I have been asked that a lot)

Many books and movies explore this idea. Dicken’s comes to mind with “A Christmas Carol” and movies like “Last Holiday”. Both explore regret and the idea that we can help each other while enjoying ourselves. AS I progressed with the site I explored many ideas and tore the site down and redid it several times. In the fall of 2015 I scrapped the site a final time and decided to turn it into a blog, first weekly, then daily. The idea was to share a little and open at least one mind.

It is funny how little decisions change things a lot. By the end of 2015 the site had well over a million hits. I was impressed as I allowed minimal then zero comments, and made each day short and sweet, not some overly wordy thing like I am writing right now. It was then I tied my posts to Facebook, taking one piece of my mental meanderings per day and putting it out there. The number kept growing. No, it is not Facebook, but it is a site that has some reach. As I progressed I think my writing got better (I could be wrong) and the ideas clarified.

One good idea that came up was that we should not whine about our past, nor pine over our future but instead should define ourselves daily. I have had numerous emails asking permission to use the idea, and I am good with it. After all, it is a nice thought, and a better way of living life. I wrote about it in many posts, one is here.

In 2021 I redid the site and took it to the cloud. It has been hosted on my cluster which I retired, and now it was time to look at the future. I also began looking at it as a long term goal to create something from all that I had written, and it is a lot. Almost 2400 posts and a great many pictures. (I reuse those sometimes as necessary). The readers like you keep coming, and thank you for the notes you write, on Facebook or more likely via email. They mean a lot.

Now the site numbers are skewed from resets, but it is over 2 million hits from over 25000 people. (It really doesn’t matter) I hope I have given anyone reading some pause, or at least a smile, a laugh, or just a bit of fun. Thank you for reading and remember, today is the best day you have, let’s make something good out of it.

So as the sun sets on another day, sorry if I bored you. I just try to hit on this occasionally so maybe we all will see that if we are limited at all, we need to remove our limits and have the best day ever, no matter what. Make no mistake, the best part of 29000 sunsets is always going to be you.

Sleep sweet, love sunsets, and enjoy all you can…