Define it…

The sun sets on another day…

I was thinking, well, I know La Foo may think it is a dangerous pastime, but I was thinking and as I did I came up with a nice little rhyme. It is not something amazingly awesome, nor is it some prophetic piece that will make you think, well, maybe it will. It is just a plea.

Today I see so many people around me going from spot to spot and trying to decide who they are and where they are going. Often they whine about the past and all of the things that may have been, sometimes they pine over the future and those things that might be if only. See, it is the whining and the pining that get us in trouble. So as I sat thinking about it all, and thinking about how people could be I decided we should all stop whining about the past, pining about the future and instead let’s define our present. 

I have written about this a lot, but it makes sense, don’t whine or pine, define! The present is the only thing we may have any control of, so we should do everything in our power to make it the best possible present ever, and in the process define ourselves in a more positive light. We cannot dive into the past an undo those good or bad things we have done, they are a part of our past and that past created who we are. We cannot look into the future and simply know that a dozen more times will give us a new lease on life, or even redefine our life, instead we wish away the future, we must not pine away the future! We can define who we are today. We can define who we are right now. We can make ourselves and our actions the best they can be, and in the process we can make our lives better each and every day. We can define who we are at home, define who we are at work and we can define our goals. We can define where we want to be and we can define how to get there, we can become the sun of our definitions and define our success. In the end only we define who we are. 

Take a moment, think about it. Who can define you better than you? Who defined the man in this picture flying above the waves in really really cold wind, he did!

So as the sun sets on another day, the plea is simple, don’t whine over the past, don’t pine over the future, define the present, and make it a good one!

Sleep sweet, love often, and live like there is no tomorrow…

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