Infinite possibilities…

The sun sets on another day…

I expected to be able to see a sunset beyond compare. The day was full of life, and fire, and sunshine with everything from an eagle in the sky, to a turkey staring into my window. Still, at the end of the day the dark clouds rolled in, and I could only imagine the possibilities far above.

Life is filled with possibilities. I find myself looking at the infinite often, and seeing only a fraction of a fraction of all that is possible. Still, every day there are possible outcomes and possible paths that stagger the imagination. It is up to us to choose which way we go, and what possibilities become realities.

Yes, it would probably be quite crazy if we actually considered them all each day. There are so many options and we could stagger ourselves into stupor if we considered them, their short impacts, and their long term implications. We can only be guided by who we are right now, and hope that it is enough. The idea that tripping over a pebble could open a series of moments that would give us riches, to holding the hand of someone that would open up richness cannot be our focus but instead our conscience and our inner light are our guide.

There are those who cling to their approach, but in the end there is only the question. Did you live with passion? You can dissect that statement as you see fit, but it fits no matter if your passion revolves around one teaching or another. That passion is defined by you. You are one of an infinite number of people you could have been, and you have chosen the right path for you.

Some time ago I considered a lot of possibilities, the grand “What if” game. Was there more? A different path of success, a different love, a different passion, a magnificent game of perilous pathways, and I arrived at where I am today, every day. I have no regrets for being me. The good and bad I have brought to myself and the world are what made me who I am. I am good with me. The good and bad born upon me were challenges I needed to continue to grow me and become who I am in this moment. The path I take a moment from now will be the right one as it will define me each day forward and I will enjoy being me then too. So it will go.

I challenge you to find that same peace. A woman I know once told me all she wanted to find in life was peace and gave me a series of criteria. I reread them a few years ago and realized there was a far simpler formula and hope she has found it. MY challenge to you, accept yourself for all you have done, and realize that only you could have survived it. You lived and live your life for you and whether you serve a higher or baser purpose, it is you still at the center. Accept yourself, and find the way to your center.

So as the sun sets on another day, this was far too deep a subject. Sorry. As I look out this sunset and imagine the colors, the fire, and the passions I can only say I accept me, and will remake me as needed every day to become the best version of me, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with every fiber of your being, and find your peace…