Sundays are for book reviews: Week Ending 04-09-2022

IT has been a more fun week. Retraining myself ion some ways as spring unfolds. In the midst of it all I am back reading heavily, and getting past grief. This week my books read are:

14 Dark Windows – Dyson, Scott – ****

Die Trying (Jack Reacher, #2) – Child, Lee – *****

Human Psychology 101: Understanding The Human Mind And What Makes People Tick – Fields, Alan G. – ***

ITAR International Traffic In Arms Regulation – Department of State, U.S. – ***

Learn to Read Microexpression : The Tiniest Body Language to know what others are thinking! – Tom Brooks – ***

Both the fields and the brooks books were ok books, but there was nothing new in either. I would suggest you read them if you are unfamiliar with the subject.