Truth or dare…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular as spring is trying to push its head into our moments. Crimson shards of happiness splashed across the horizon, and in a moment were gone, sparkled across it all as a memory for us to enjoy.

There was a movie at one time called Big Fat Liar. I know, kids movie, a little silly, and maybe a lot of fun for some and not as much for others. The end of it all has a simple message “The Truth isn’t overrated.”

Truth is an interesting concept. Some people have their truth, others have another truth and the truth truth is somewhere in the middle. I have always been fascinated by truth. Well, truth, and justice, and all that. It is a telling concept and one that is fraught with rabbit holes.

Imagine the question “Are you Happy?” It seems simple and if you said yes, you might be telling the truth, or you may be lying or lying to yourself. Then you go to a concert, event, or a slice of another life and your perspective changes. Nothing may have changed about your situation, but are you happy? No. We you lying? No.

Imagine talking to someone and they ask you an uncomfortable question. Even a simple uncomfortable question. You avoid by glazing over the truth to not hurt their feelings. What is the truth? Is the truth important?

Perhaps the statement the truth is not overrated plays it safe as it states the importance of the truth, but does not set an in stone guideline. Perhaps it sets a stage where the truth is important, but there is a flexibility to those situations where people may be hurt or another solution is necessary.

Why does it matter? Today there are things going on all over the world. There are many “truths” but as we walk down the valley of the shadow of truth there are lots of perceived truths that are less than truth, and we have to decide how to read them, how to follow them, and how to avoid the dares being set upon us all. My only suggestion today is define your truth well, as it may not be as much a truth as you think and in the process, dare to open your mind to more.

So as the sun sets on another day, life is an amazing ride, and the truth can guide us through it. Dare to find the truth or listen for the truth that is there. After all, truth may open our minds, but so do less than truths along the way. Take the time to see from someone else’s perspective realizing there are lots of true things that make up the truth and changing a view may change what is truth. Mostly, be true to you, and find a way to be who you want to be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and dare to see more…