And still the wind…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was more than spectacular, more than fantastic, it was, well, no words, hmm, it was just wowsers.

This afternoon I was walking in the yard and looking at trees and work that will have to be done this year. There is work, and some of it is pretty hefty. As I did so I thought about the world, and all the conflicts people are going through, then about the numerous people I know and their opinions about this that and the other, and then about the garden. Yes, my mind was wandering.

When I stopped and just considered the wind blew and I reveled for just a moment in the crisp air, then got a little cold from it. I laughed.


Pretty easy.

When everything is said and done all of the trivial items that are the focus of parts of our days are just that, trivial. In the end it will pass and still the wind will blow. Yes, there are things that affect us directly and those are pretty horrible sometimes. We have to deal with those and move on often. What we don’t need to do is consider all the things we fixate on that have no effect on us. When we do, perhaps it is time to let the wind blow.

For everyone this is personal, but consider well that a great many things in our life need to be addressed daily, and there are a lot that don’t. With that in mind consider your journey and spend your time wisely. Maybe you can find a new way to address your daily life, and in the process remove some stress, and enjoy your day a little more.

So as the sun sets on another day, no, I’m not going to spell it out this time. Instead consider your path and realize that some things are well beyond your control, and perhaps some things will never have an effect on you. With that in mind breathe, enjoy the time you have, and make your day the best you can based on your needs, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and what was that you say?