The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was, pleasant. The clouds wafted overhead but the warmer air made the evening so much more than winter, I stood outside for a moment and watched the clouds and was at peace.

In Ancient Egypt the scientists of the time believed the heart was the center of thought and soul. They had tested in animals how things worked and came to the conclusion that the brain was not as helpful. Greeks took this a little further and even suggested the brain was just an organ to protect the heart and keep our mind, our being, and our soul safe.

We carry on to some level as we celebrate the heart as much as the brain and all the wonderful things it can do. We center love in the heart still, and passion, and the things that involved feeling even though we know it is all from the brain. Recently doctors linked grief and more to the heart. We are prisoners of this magnificent ancient belief.

As I consider the depth of my heart and the people around me I often wonder how the bonds of trust, friendship, passion, and love are born. It follows that this is a simple reaction of electrochemical responses in limbic system of the brain and as the amygdala processes we find emotion and more. If it were so easy.

I have found that these feelings are far more complex than we give them credit for , and the laws of attraction are more guidelines and the power of feeling is more than just a simple equation or combining of cells, it is the essence of intensity for many, for some, it is not.

My question is easy and for you to consider. What makes you the person you are? Is it the feeling of success you get when you accomplish something new or is it the passion you feel when you hold someone’s hand? Is it the number of things you have collected or the number of hearts you have touched? Is it the simple task of interacting, or the complex task of letting go and feeling pure passion wash over you? Or it is all of that and more?

Consider it for a moment, but as you do consider how you want to achieve in this world. Do you want to exist, or do you want to rock the world every moment you can.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and consider it all. Realize that you are the center of you. Whether your heart drives you while your brain cools it down or your brain drives you while your heart keeps it alive find the things that make you real to yourself, consider them well, and live. Don’t just exist, live with all your heart, soul, brain, mind and more, no matter what.