The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was new, exciting, and elusive as we chased it in the foothills and found a few shots along the way.

I was breezing through emails cleaning out my email box. I have to admit, it is a pain and I should do it more often. You see my email address was established in 1997, and after a series of servers and spaces I moved hosting to google in about 2013. With a large amount of space I did as many do, I got complacent.

Now I am slowly cleaning a great deal of emails. I delete a lot daily, but still the ones I set aside that I may need have grown. I will not give the number, but it would be nice if it was money, I would retire.

What has been most interesting is the writing. I always write. I have written since I could write. It has always been a little inspiration or other fun and sometimes it is quite prophetic. From 2015 I wrote a long treatise starting with “In a moment a life can be changed for good or bad.  Each of us is a force for change in every person’s life we touch, and those we meet guide our lives in so many ways.”

There are dozens of stories, presentations for PMI, presentations for other events, and more.As I walk down this lane I wonder what treasures I will find. I wonder what memories I will relive and say, “Yes, I remember, and I was going to…”.

My point is, many of these items are pretty good and were set aside for other priorities. Some were even better than that, and as I looked through the hundreds of other items I realized a great deal of it didn’t matter. A great deal of it was not something I should have spent time on. Perhaps we can all learn from this, perhaps we can all sit back and determine for a moment, “Does what I focus on take me further?” Or “Is this good for me and my life.” As I sat for a while I learned that there were a lot of things that could have been set aside, and a lot I have lost in favor of things that don’t necessarily make me happy.

How about you?

So as the sun sets on another day, my memory lane may take a while. Along the way we will have good times, good fun, and perhaps I will find more hidden gems I only saved to email. Enjoy your day, and hold on to those things that you love, no mater what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and carry on…