Limits and abilities…

The sun sets on another day…

I missed an event today. Today was to be a day of fun and sales in Turkeyville. Selling books and seeing friends that mean a lot to me. On one hand books and water do not get along well, if at all. On the other hand the people I meet are worth getting wet for and sitting in a dismal tent, battered by wind and rain, laughing about our imaginations and the world. I made the best choice for my books, but perhaps not the best choice for me.

We all have limits and abilities and they often do not match. An ability is something you can do, something that is within the realm of your imagination and that you either have done or know how to do with sufficient ability as to easily complete the task or item. We all have the ability to walk, and can do so. Some of us have the ability to run, lift, laugh, love, smile, frown, create a life, take one away and so forth. An example that makes sense is I have the ability to lift quite a bit of weight, more than many would think and it is because of my childhood, genetics, and practice and technique.

A limit is something we place on ourselves or we let someone else place on us. Sometimes we are the one setting our limits. Sometimes others set our limits for us. A great many jobs, religions, governments, and sects set limits on peoples abilities to control them or keep some semblance of peace. A good example is I can list a lot, but I limit myself now to keep from causing other issues. I can drive well over 150 miles an hour, but the government says I should not do that. (A speed limit)

In my second book of the Masterson Files series, Sinful Father, I note an exaggerated limit and ability. A character is in a small bar with men around him who are goading him to a fight. The character notes, “You don’t seem to understand. I don’t want trouble, not because I am afraid of it or need to learn it, I don’t want trouble because I like it and am good at it.” To me this outlines a more direct limit and ability.

Who cares, right?

It is important to know your abilities every day. To understand who you are and what you are capable of, but it is as if not more important to put those abilities under limits. Either imposes by you or imposed by others. We have to have both of these in control to achieve a balance that means something. We define ourselves, and in the process we become an unlimited person, because we understand our abilities but accept our limits when they are correct.

As you pass through your days you will meet many people. You have the ability to make their day better, or the ability to make their day worse. I hope you find the courage to set your limits and push to make peoples days a little better. I hope you can see past the power of an ability to the control of a limit, and along the way make the world a better place.

So as the sun sets on another day. Today and every day I will consider my limits and abilities, and as I do I will know who I am and how far I will go. Find that peace for you, and in the process set your limits and know your abilities well. (Shucks, I might bend the speed limit a little from time to time) Be the best you that you can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love hard, and live well…