A difference

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was as wiley as a coyote as it feigned crimson then took it away and shattered the sky with bolts of white light. At least it was a fun storm.

I almost wish I had a robot follow me around and commit some of the weird things I say to its memory for me to use later. Sometimes I surprise myself, sometimes I am prophetic, and sometimes I am a little goofy.

When I worked for a company years ago we were developing new approaches to retail and how customers could interface with a sale. I was always excited because every day was a series of new and fantastic challenges of some sort. I also met two of my best friends there and during that time we challenged the world. I honestly think if we aligned now as we did then we would have built an empire. Anyway, as I was walking into the building one day I was grabbed by an admin and ushered towards a conference room. I was quickly told about the meeting premise I was going to including a slight overview and the attendees. It sounded fun up until I asked who was giving the presentation and was told I was. The presentation was about a rollout and how we would approach training and ensuring that customers were not impacted and I stopped for a second and clarified. The admin told me someone in leadership said I was the person to lead. It was a bit of a shock but I walked in and gave a pretty good presentation. I knew the material and explained exactly what was going to happen and how we were going to ensure compliance and customer service. Then as the meeting broke I hurriedly tried to write everything down. Everything I had said was accurate, but not everything had been determined until that meeting. The admin then came up and told me they would give me notes later. In this case I surprised myself by creating a plan with a talented group of people that actually worked well, it just had never existed before I walked into that room.

There are times my past experience can be more than a little inspiring. I often listen to songs and read poetry and think the secret to a good song or poem is being hurt over and over until you get it right. (Oh, I think I’ll write that down too) Sometimes I try to help when I see people have a difficult times and I have said things that I felt deeply and would never be said again. In this age of computers I occasionally can capture those words and usually put them in a folder to be used in books I write eventually. Recently I was concerned about someone going through a difficult time and said this: There are no words I can give you to soften a heartache, there is nothing I can say that will give any solace or ease the pain. It will go, and sometimes it may pull at you in your dreams. Just remember you are loved by so many and draw strength from them simply because you are worth it, and you are amazing. They will support you if you let them. The best part is I meant every piece of this. If I had not captured it, it would be quite gone.

How about you? Do you find your voice and often let the words come out and change the world? Does your voice mean anything? I think it does. Take the moment and be yourself. Be aggressive (B E A G G R E SS I V E) and use your past to make a better future. Reach out to help when everyone else does not, or even if they do let someone know you care as well. You can make a difference!

So as the sun sets on another day, make a difference, be prophetic, but amazing, be goofy, but be you. You are the difference the world needs as long as you are true to yourself. Make every day an amazing day and laugh in the face of it all, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and make that difference…