The sun sets on another day…

It is a little before sunset as I start to write this. To my west is a clear blue sky, while the east is filled with puffy clouds yearning to release rain upon the horizon. I am sure the sunset will be spectacular in just a short time.

There are so many posts where I have written about perspectives and the folly of assuming that your perception is equivalent to anyone else’s. I was having a conversation today, and as I did, I listened to self-deprecating behavior that had no merit from a person struggling to understand themself as they worked hard to help others.

Here I sit, reaching out to nameless hundreds if not thousands of people with a similar idea. I know did every day, I learn something new, and in learning something new, I become a new me like some magnificent sponge trying to soak up the world but barely able to clean a countertop. Everyone who reads this will see it from their perspective, based on their past situations. Some may think it enlightening; some may think it is useless, and some may think it is just another day of me posting. My goal, however ridiculous, is achieved by three words I repeated above, “some may think.”

If we take a moment and think, if we take a moment and believe there is an opinion other than ours that could be true, then I have achieved all I need to. I walk into this without expectation each day, and each day someone inspires me to write and to try to make some type of difference.

Here you are trying to describe yourself. How do you pick out your description? I tell everyone I am a monster because it catches them off guard and opens other conversations. Somewhere inside, it’s very accurate, and I will not lie about it, but I speak about who I am and not who I am not. I have seen people talk about themselves and describe their various ailments. I’ve seen people call themselves horrible people that can’t possibly understand the depths of Horror. Today I listened to a young woman talk about herself negatively, and when she told me why and we got to the core of it, I have known people, including myself, that are an order of magnitude worse. For her, the situation was the worst possible ever that could have happened, and she has faced it, feeling that she was horrible because of friends that weren’t friends and people competing to be better. For me and many others, all she had done could have fit in the span of a few days and nights.

I know, I know this is crazy talk. What I am trying to get to, and we’ll say here, is that it’s time to absolve yourself of your sins. It’s time to absolve yourself of all those things you feel are terrible and instead open your mind to the possibility that you are a good person. It’s the best you can do, and by doing so, perhaps you can approach life with a clear conscience; perhaps you can approach life with the idea that you can be more. Things aren’t that bad, and every day we reset. The past is gone, the future isn’t here, and you redefine yourself each day into the most fantastic person you can be.

So as the sun sets on another day, it’s not that bad. As the sun sets on this day, take a deep breath. Breathe in and feel your life. This day is yours, and all the things you hold for penance are not as important as being a good person today. Be a good person, be a good friend, be a good whatever you want to be, and make today a day that you see more than just you, but all the possibilities of you each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and perceive more…