The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a winsome whirlwind of light. It was an end to a day and the herald of a walk into another. The twilight sky was sprayed with color, and then the dark of night crept in, blanketing the sky with ebon darkness, but there was light as the half moon lit the horizon.

Today was filled with no so quiet reflection. I was at one of my favorite venues in Holland, Michigan and the way was off to a superior start until the food truck started the generator in front of us. Chances of talking to people cascaded into nothingness. I believe now much of the day was lost as people wanted to avoid the chewing noise of generator machinations.

The day had its highlights and observations. The people are always the best part of every day. I knew the authors of the day and they, as always, we full of light and life. Spending time with authors is an opportunity to see inside the minds of those who have imagination and think for more than just a moment.

I also met two fantastic people today who outline how we should all define friendship. Two young women were there, and as always, I stuck my foot in my mouth first thing. One young woman seems to be forged in fire with the power of the gods coursing through her veins. She took load after load to their booth, which was well placed but in the center of the event. The second young woman seemed to help as she could, and I stated “Wow, she is pushing faster.” only to find that the second young woman had just undergone surgery. I was reminded of the only time I have been embarrassed in my life, but I was not, and we talked, and I saw separate power and symbiosis in the two of them. It was apparent the first young woman could do more and did so with an incredible smile on her face, but it was also evident that the second young lady was pushing hard and making a difference. There was no measure given, nor expectation, but these two were fantastic examples of how people can help each other and do not just what they can, but more.

Can we do no less? When people need us, do we help? When we help, is it a chore or a pleasure? Can you find a true friend when one only gives or one only take? Is the essence of life seeing past the surface and knowing when people are fantastic, knowing when people are true?

I believe these two powerhouses are an example of the future. They are an example of two people who like and care about each other, and I am sure based on talking to them that they will help each other all they can, and with that, there will be a success. After all, in a world filled with negativity, today I saw two people who were positive in their interactions and truly defined a team.

So as the sun sets on another day, I went home and smiled, well, I smiled more after two large Chick-Fil-A teas. (It was hot out there) Life is filled with beautiful lessons if you look, and I enjoyed today’s moments. Help people when you can, and when you need help, don’t be afraid to ask. The world will be a better place because of it. Oh, and read more books daily to see into another world, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and hold tight…