The sun sets on another day..

Sunset was another magnificently mesmerizing masterpiece in the midst of Michigan. Ya, it was good! If you do not get to see it often you should.

I was laughing to myself today as I cleaned up the garden. There were lots of allusions and metaphors flying through my mind as I threw half-eaten tomatoes into the woods to clear the path for new ones. This year has not been as easy for the garden as some exciting animal has found that they love to eat the leaves off all the peppers and eat tomatoes as they ripen. This makes for less than perfect harvests, even though it is still enough.

I was laughing because I have been throwing tomatoes in my woods for a while but have not taken a walk in the woods this year. I wondered how many tomatoes are in the woods right now, born of seeds from tomatoes I have tossed in the past. A garden of excellent vegetables could run around in the woods a few dozen feet from me.

This of course, brought me to how often we throw seeds out and never check on the progress. Many people ask for opinions or seek enlightenment only to have things thrown over a wall with no follow-up. I know I have done it as well. These things can be good or bad, but they are seedlings that will grow in the minds of others and become influences one way or another. We all seem to be influenced by the seedlings of more excellent thoughts, and as we are, we find those basic tenants grow to maturity in our minds later. They take a life of their own and develop the way the new person sees fit. We have no control past dropping the seedling.

I have found that little things I have said over time have been interpreted without context or in a negative fashion. A simple statement about truth has become a complex monster, and it gets back to me as “You know someone told me you said…”.

There is an easy solution. Throw tomatoes, not advice. (I saw this as I offer advice. How Silly, right?) Of course, we have to give our advice but add a little statement about how each person can make their own choice, or be humble and note that something worked for you. Make sure you know how your seedlings will at least start to grow.

So as the sun sets on another day, I should go into the woods tomorrow to see how many wild tomatoes there are. It makes me laugh. Remember, anything you say can become a remarkable statement or a negative burden. Be careful what you say, and make the world a better place by being positive every day you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and ha ha ha …