The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was stunning. The evening sky was colored with pastels that warmed the heart, then the sun was gone, swallowed by clouds that foretold of rain or just a little darkness.

Sometimes the world seems like it’s a little bit too much. We get overwhelmed by people, places, and things that don’t align with what we do every day. Sometimes people are the most significant part of it as they don’t realize the effect they’re having on us. The natural move is to fight and try to hold on, but sometimes we need to surrender.

Now that doesn’t sound very nice. Giving up on something? It makes me want to scream just thinking about it. I have the ability to fight almost anything, and I have to surrender? The answer is sometimes yes. When dealing with people, you cannot get them to see your point of view. It is up to them. You cannot make them think the way you think, given that we are all made of our experiences. There are no two people exactly alike. There is no way to make someone like you. The world would be full of happy couples and content families if there were. The only thing you can control is yourself.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I felt very deeply for someone and found they didn’t feel the same way for me. I begged and pleaded and made an idiot of myself as the knife delved deeper and deeper into my back. They didn’t care. They cared about someone else. They didn’t feel like I did. They didn’t even have a concept of how I felt. Ultimately, I walked away and was better for it but not before making a bigger idiot of myself. As I have grown older, I’ve learned that sometimes walking away earlier and faster is OK. If the person is interested, they will return. If not, it isn’t worth the time and pain to consider. That doesn’t mean it won’t still hurt. It just means did the nagging day-to-day pain will be less.

Equally as long ago, I made a similar mistake. I found someone who cared about me, but when an ex came back, I thought it was better to go with my ex. I devastated someone who cared about me because I thought I was doing the right thing. Looking back, I was an idiot there as well.

Worrying about the past is a waste of time, but sometimes we can learn about ourselves and our future from lessons we have experienced. I hope you can take this from me and realize that surrendering in a situation does not mean giving up on yourself. You always have you, and can believe in you all the time, even when it hurts.

So as the sun sets on another day, remember that some people will never see your point of view. Remember that some people will never realize how important they are to you. Remember that some people ignore your needs in favor of what they think you need. Remember, you are stronger than all of that. Take a deep breath and find your way every day. You can overcome anything if you want to. Make your quest one that keeps you safe and makes the world a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love deeper…