Storm Effect…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was weird as we drive through rainbow and storm on the way home.The intensity of the wind and storm pressed us all the way. The sky was full of colors and darkness depending on the moment making the day unique and beautiful.

I will tell you a story that is not an admission of guilt of any type but instead a story to show how things can work. I was driving to Cincinnati some time ago from Lexington, KY. It is an 82-mile drive on the highway from downtown to downtown. I was going to an exit somewhere in Cincinnati, about 15 miles from downtown, and was on the South Side of Lexington to start. I was driving a little faster (translated as I might have broken a speed limit), and my car is built for speed. When I arrived in Cincinnati, the person I met was freaking out simply because the storm and the winds had been so bad. When I stepped out of my car, I could tell it was bad and found out later that many vehicles were thrown off the road. I didn’t notice as I cut through the air like a knife with a bit of extra speed to add to my mass.

Who cares, right? Well, there are times in our lives when we need to focus on where we’re going and get there. The person I met kept slowing down further and further, and it caused them major issues in reaching their goal. I was not focused on the challenges, I was focused on the destination, and the challenges were just an inconvenience. I knew it was supposed to storm, but that didn’t matter to me. What mattered was turning things into reality. I did that just right.

Let’s think for just a second. How can we find a way to our goal if we get tied up in our blockers? I remember a movie cold “the day the earth stood still,” and in doing a math problem, the earthbound mathematician asked a question about the effects of two numbers. The person who flew the ship rapidly said those numbers were inconsequential. How often do we get so caught up in the inconsequential that we miss the things of consequence?

I feel that many of my goals in life have been missed because of me. I struggled with that just yesterday, and today as I thought about it, it all just melted away.

My thought for the day is to drive hard to your goal and make it a reality. As things get in your way, address them but remember to keep going forward.

So as the sun sets, on another day, here we are, pushing forward. Let’s make our realities simply unique. If things get in your way, find your way around, find a path that works, or drive straight through and make your road. You can do this and achieve your goals, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and make the world yours…