Cold fish…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was cold, crisp, wet, and full of that stuff in the air called rain. At least it was fun walking the puppy in it!

I get a kick out of conversation always. It is always enlightening to see people’s opinions about the world. Today while in a conversation, I was laughing with someone who noted that they were a cold fish. After our interaction, I thought about that for a while and considered the words that were relayed to me.

I find that people are often self-deprecating when they don’t see the world from the outside. It is easy to pick on yourself when you don’t have a reasonable view of yourself. As I thought about this, I considered how many people build walls to keep themselves from being hurt. I have written about this many times, and it is my opinion that as we age, we sometimes try to protect ourselves from the world with self-deprecating humor, humor in general, walls of sarcasm, or disdain. Sure, there are a lot of other options, but we become so intent on not being hurt that we actually hurt ourselves a little bit more.

This is, of course, completely subjective. Some people may think of having walls to keep other people out is a good thing. Some people just feel safe without the chance of someone tearing their heart out or worse.

I think when we’re children, we don’t worry about this as much. We fall down 100 times or get hurt 100 more and get right back up without a worry or a cry (until people start paying attention to us and we realize we’re supposed to be crying). It doesn’t hurt as much because we get right back up and do the same thing until it works(hopefully not grabbing a hot stove, but you know what I mean). We are not alone and instead we have people that help us, and we can find our way.

Maybe it’s time for some of us to get back up. Maybe it’s time to set aside the different types of walls we have and our self-deprecating humor barriers and realize what wonderful people we are. After all, we have a choice every day to have a great day and believe in ourselves or not. Personally, I would rather think of myself as someone at least half way decent to someone else and maybe to quite a few someone elses and make my day the best it can be. It’s worth thinking about, at least.

So as the sun sets on another day, let’s all be spectacular or at least as good as we can be. Sure, it’s cute to not think too highly of yourself, but don’t think too lowly of yourself either because I happen to think everyone is awesome until they prove themselves differently. Be the best that you can be each and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be a warm puppy…