Wavy lines…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was another day of perpetual whiteness, but it was filled with laughter and wonder and I laughed all I could all day!

If you read here ever I think and post a lot about differing perspectives and how we as people often do not understand the foundations for our counterparts, mainly other people. In my extra time to think today while freezing outside walking the puppy and mounting a new camera in the midsts of the woods I thought a lot about that again.

As I thought about it I sat down and watched a few mindless videos and relationship items passed by. I watched as different ages presented ideas on how to make relationships work. They were sometimes similar, and sometimes very different. I also watched a few quick videos with wonderful people talking about “pulling” you or noting they did not have a boy/girlfriend while their accounts had thousands of views and affirmatives. The online world continues to be interesting.

You know, in my strong opinion things work between people because of how they are able to adapt. A lot of people talk about compromise, but compromise means neither side gets what they want. Someone has to give, or both sides give, and in the end, everyone loses. (If you don’t think I am correct here, look it up) For long term success there has to be cooperation. That means both sides have to find a way to win together. Not by giving up anything but by developing a situation that works for both.

Do I see this?

No, not often. I usually see compromise and worse. I have experienced it as well. If someone dictates how things will be, it is a loss. If you dictate, it is a loss. Instead we have to learn o show empathy and understanding, and in the process receive the same.

This is a long topic, I should run a podcast. (I would at least make you laugh)

So as the sun sets on another day, let’s try to see what others need and in the process receive what we need. It is time to stop settling for what someone doles out to you, and if you are doling out what you think someone else can live with, you need to consider getting a cat. They really don’t care. (Joke here but somewhat serious). Instead lets find a path to helping each other find and be more, every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and hugs for everyone…