Childlike innocence

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was lost in a white whirlwind as snow battered the land. On a short drive, I saw four cars find temporary off-road homes while others found a pace more fitting to snow and underlying ice. Somewhere high above, the sun set and gave a spectacular end to the day. For me, it was a beginning.

I had to borrow a picture tonight as I didn’t get one. Ooops. Tonight I saw two musicians in a small setting with Mat (yes 1 T) Kearney and Marc Scibilia. I had heard some of the songs, and Mat had 5 top 20 hits that made him reasonably mainstream. Still, this was an acoustic night, and who knows?

The Saint Cecelia Music Center hosted the eventSaint Cecelia Music Center. The location was impressive, and whether Volunteer or employee, the people made the venue outstanding.

Somewhere from the start, as Marc Scibilia spun music like magic and made the audience chuckle with well-placed stories, I became enthralled in the moment. I lost myself in tunes and words and closed my eyes to listen without distraction. Marc was a spectacular singer with a unique voice and an even more unique perspective on life. His song about his wife made me smile, and I found it later and added it to my playlist. I was surprised to find out the opening had such power.

Mat (one T per his explanation) Kearney took it even further. With excellent storytelling skills and even better lyrics, he weaved a series of emotions and thoughts you had no choice but to feel and feel deeply. Then he took it to new levels with actual storytelling built in. It was not contrived or over-rehearsed but instead pertinent and directed to the crowd in Michigan. The audience was driven to become a part of this show, and even the most stoic had to be moved by his song about his father.

At one point, my mind wandered as Mat spoke of childlike innocence. Time stopped for a bit as I considered how much better the world might be if we kept our childlike innocence and found a way to truth.

I can think of few better ways to spend a night and even fewer with the emotional reality that was presented. If you are offered a chance to see either artist, do it. It will be worth your time.

So as the sun sets on another day, music is a foundation I have always believed in, and in the moments that pass, I will find new songs to carry my heart. Find your songs with me, and love the music you love. Let it move you if it can, and enjoy the night, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live strong…