The sun sets on another day…

The snow fell hard as sun set on the horizon. I hoped for a moments respite, but it did not come and instead I smiled at the fluffy sky and ever whitening horizon.

A poem for today:

Spare Me
Your words fall upon my ears like music in a concert hall
I know not when the words will end or if the sound will fall
I simply know my soul will fly and wander for to thee
If only words can make the case to kindly please, spare me

Sticks and stones can break all bones and take more with their art
We find our moments mired in thoughts that tear our hearts apart
as words can sting and rend and flay the ire of any to see
I once again just kindly ask for you to just spare me

We all feel powered, empowered, and more, and feel our righteous wrath
We think we walk among a godlike bridge on some quite holy path
As fire rains upon us all, and words spark tense debate
The holy war or words is lost and the fire will not abate

Feelings hurt, or passion stung, or thoughts were set asunder
but as the smoke slides from the field it givers us time to wonder
As words can sink a thousand ships, or set worlds and minds free
I think we all should rise one voice that proudly yells Spare Me.

I hope everyone has a terrific night, and enjoy the moments you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and spare us all…