A loss for words…

The sun sets on another day

I sat watching the sunset and the colors spraying across the horizon. The waves slowly lacked against the shore and the colors lapped against the waves. Slowly the sunset and the moment later was gone.

Every once in a while, I get lost in words and have to shift my words into action. There are numerous songs about such and even more songs about how we should approach our lives in favor of living instead of existing and in favor of action over inaction. There are also a multitude of books, short stories, and other tomes, that give us insight into how difficult it is to exist without the benefit of action.

Who cares right?

As I was scrolling through a number of articles yesterday and deleting the things that I no longer found to be necessary or were out of date I realized how little action is done when words are in play. After all it is much easier to talk about it then to actually do it, whatever it is. As I went down this spiral into the mire of my mind, I found myself considering all of the things that keep me from executing the actions I should be doing. Honestly this ranged from things that were very important to things that shouldn’t even take up a modicum of time. I found it to be an interesting practice and refocused and started making some decisions to eliminate certain things I need to do instead of spending time always doing for everyone else.

It is there that we must find a balance. Sometimes doing for others can be the most important thing in the world and other times it can be the most frustrating. Sometimes doing for others is fantastically appealing and other times it seems to take the life from you and leave you an empty husk. This all sounds somewhere between positive and negative because it is and our lives should be filled with balance and with the understanding that we have certain things that we need while others have things that they need and hopefully those align.

As I was wading through the muck of my conscious and subconscious I considered how some people pay close attention to the directions they should go and pay no attention to the people around them. Others tend to get lost in achieving for others and somewhere in the midst of it all they lose themselves. I would like to think the perfect arrangement is to find people that are so in tune with you did they give you what you need while you are giving them what they need and that each day then becomes satisfying and amazing as you never want for anything.

I had another paragraph or three here, but I decided that I was not going to embrace the negativity. With that in mind I ask that you simply find people that you are happy with, that you can make happy, and who can make you happy. It seems easy and I hope it is for you.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment and consider the limitless passion of your mind. When you need it take your own time and explore the passions that are you. When it is time, share your passion with the world and to make every day a fantastic journey into happiness, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and be you above all elseā€¦