In our child’s eyes

The sun sets on another day.

You have to often wonder when the sun sets if it grasps those last few moments of light and holds on to every moment until night embraces us all, and we are in darkness. Do you think the sun holds on, or does the sun know that with the darkness, that there is always a promise of a new day?

So it is (in my opinion) with our children. Do we grasp so hard at their innocence, that we miss the promise of a new day, and disallow them to learn the easy, and the difficult? In this new age of helicopter parents (That one make me laugh) and overprotective people, have we forgotten that with the sunset, there can be a new day?  Can we learn from our child’s innocent eye?

All we have is hope, and faith, two things that cannot be proven to mean much of anything. Hope, the only thing remaining in Pandora’s box, allows us to see the best in people, even when we are seeing only the worst they have to offer, while faith gives us belief in something we cannot prove. They are separate but the same and trust that people do what is right.

Me I will try to trust, and know that in my heart, the sun will rise again, not because it wants to, but because it must. If I am left in that darkness that may never end, at least I had a good sunset.

Easy sunsets….

Sunsets are always a bit easy, as they happen as long as the world rolls around. Since we all would not be reading this if the world stopped it is safe to assume that given is true. On the stormiest day there is still a sunset, you just have to move above the clouds to see it and take a moment to see the beauty in the day. So many times people focus on the negative not realizing that if they just raise a bit they will see the sunset they were looking for in their day. After all, we are not measured by the easy in life, we can be measured only by how we handle the difficult and how we rise above.


  • The day ends soon and I do not cry
  • for as I leave and breath and sigh
  • I know the promise of new days
  • will soon be coming now my way
  • and if i should die before I wake
  • I know this day I did partake
  • of life and love and all that’s true
  • and hoped on high for life anew


Stormy Sunset

Storms Storms blow through our lives each and every day. As the wind blows and devastates us we must remember that even though the sun may set on a day, it will one day rise on a new day, with a promise that even the worst storms will end. I have weathered many a storm only to find that in the end, the storm was not so bad as the experience of riding the highs and lows of life, and going where the waves may take me or where I could power myself through to a new beginning..


Like a fool…

You know, as the sunset falls on another day I consider the depth of what passion is to me. By definition passion is “strong and barely controllable emotion” however most people think passion can be controlled. In my opinion passion for your job, life, or loved one, is the most precious thing in the world, and without it we struggle to hold on each and every day. When you walk into a room and are passionate about something the room will light up. If passion is for a person, why can’t it be the overwhelming kind we all want, and not the mundane mediocrity many people seem to accept?


How long will we live?

“You mean, how long will I live? That no one can tell” – Klatue

I was watching a particularly awesome sunset over Lake Michigan when i considered the name of a series of stories, and a book of hope. I consider a lot of books and stories as my mind is literally flooded with them, but this one meant a little something more. As the sun waned I realized most of us rarely see 79, and it seemed like a good age, hence the 29,000 number, based on just shy of 80 years.

So I push, to enjoy every one… 

29000 Sunsets

Yes, I write a lot! This is just one of the many spots I write. I have written several novels, they can be purchased or viewed here!

No, this is not a travel sales site, but perhaps it should be. Nor is it a site that professes that one religion is more credible than another (but maybe it should be there too). Instead this is a site that explores the personal rantings of a man fascinated by passion and how it can play a part in our everyday life.

It would be awesome if we could talk, and learn and you could start to see into my very cluttered and always active mind, but since we can’t, I invite you to take a moment and read some of the thoughts that roll through my mind.

Not interested? That’s OK! Not impressed? That’s OK too, but please, spend your time wisely as you may only have 29,000 sunsets, it is up to you to enjoy them.

 Purpose of the site:

  • To pass on a little sunshine before the sun sets
  • To pass on a smile when the frown is winning
  • To help people see the mirror inside themselves  that can be hard to see (Even for me)
  • To keep me writing each and every day. 

Lastly it is a goal for us all. If we know we should get at least 29,000 sunsets there is a finite goal in front of us, and as we pass beyond, perhaps we can realize that each day is a gift to us, and treat it even more specially.

Got a suggestion, feel free to send it in to

Breaking away…

The sun sets on another day…

It seems like winter has come back and, in the process, taken the sunsets for a brief moment while we get to freeze a little. Still, I know the sunset was up there and I’m happy that there was at least a little color in the sky.

Every once in a while, we have to sit back and analyze everything that’s going on around us. as we do so we will usually find there are lots of things going on that we hadn’t considered previously. When we actually consider these things, we may find a life changing experience. What I mean to say is sometimes we have to consider what we keep in our lives and what we leave behind.

I have to start by saying that you should pretty much be stuck with people. People are at the core of who we are and unless there is something really wrong mending fences is always better than setting people aside. of course there are times you have to let people go too. Once Upon a time I had a very good friend that I cut ties with because of certain things that were being said behind my back. what I saw on the surface was very clear but what was real was far different and it was very difficult. This is more of a rarity than a rule. To this day I doubt that person even understood how bad they broke my trust.

Everything else is up for grabs. There are times that I give up a ton of things to concentrate on writing and that time is coming soon. I am considering giving up social media again because of the number of people who seem to be so stuck in their beliefs that they can’t see beyond them at all. It’s all up to you though and all you have to do is break away and make some changes in how you approach the world. Consider well how you spend your time and how you want to spend your time and make good choices.

So as the sun sets on another day here I am changing again and breaking away from negativity to embrace my inner writer and knock out a few more books. it should be fun.

Sleep sweet, love life, and you can be you…