Hiding in plain sight…

I was walking down the sidewalk today and found a nice shiny penny, new and bright, with all the luck in the world facing up at me with its pretty little head looking right in my eyes. I paused and of course picked up the penny, because I noticed it.

We should all take that time to notice things and “pick up” on them, then make them part of us. After all that poor penny was quite alone until I picked it up, and it served its purpose the moment I did pick it up. It gave me some luck! (well I hope it did) Too often we are so lost in our own thoughts that we fail to see the other side. So many people drive without looking around, live life in their own little world and miss the shiny penny in front of them. What can be worse is when they step over that penny, and don’t see its value until it is gone. So pick up your penny and takes the luck from it, smile at the person driving next to you, hold tight to the person who loves you and watch the sun go down together knowing this one life you were given is a life worth living!

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