No, this was not today’s sunset. I could not get to a place fast enough to get the picture I wanted, and needed. So I enjoyed the sunset without my camera. This sunset is from a few winters ago, but is just as exciting.

Tonight as the sun set the skies parted and breathed new life into us all, reminding me along the way it is not the “What” it is the “How” in life. You see, the day was awful and grim and full of weird weather, thunder and lightning, too much rain, a lot of gloominess and way too much plain ole blah. As the sun set the air cleared and I noticed my roses blooming, the clean street, the clear sky, and felt at peace (for about 43 seconds or so). There is so much to be thankful for each day and we need to consider what we face as positives (or semi positives) all the time. No it is not fair, but we can make it work.

So, what? Let me go on. Each day we are faced with so many “whats” we sometimes want to scream, “whats” for children, “whats” for friends, “whats” for families, and “whats” for those people who are supposed to be special, but just might not be. The “what” is sometimes the easy part. We can make a decision not to do a bad thing (A good choice for a what) but in the process lose sight of “How” we should do this. We can find a “What” on our doorstep, only to do the wrong thing on “How” to handle it. We can see the “what” when we have a family tragedy, but the “how” can become a nightmare of emotions. The “how” is our life and how we will be viewed and judged by others and by ourselves over time. (Because sometimes the “whats” are just a pain in the bottom, we may lose sight of just how bad we are becoming with our “how”. Some people see the “how” as of no consequence, they feel the “what” is more important, and it is those people that will spend their lives in penance trying to justify the “how” when the “how” could have been so much easier. It took me 10 years to deal with my bad “how” and I found the penance to eventually be overwhelming.

So skip it all, enjoy the sunset, live all you can, love all you can, and never let your how create a situation you will be sorry for, ever. (do what?) 

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